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    Upfront Pricing with Guarantees

    • End-to-End

      From installations, permits, to rebates, we take care of everything.

    • 3-Year Warranty

      Every installation comes with a standard, 3-year warranty.

    • Local Service

      Locally based, proudly serving all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

    • Licensed and Bonded

      Competitively priced installations by licensed and trained electricians.

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    Your Partner for Everything Electrical

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    Our Advantage

    Local, Trusted, Professional

    We are a modern electrical services company selectively partnering with qualified electrical contractors (“GZ Pros”) on exclusive terms. We take pride in delivering the best-in-class residential and commercial electrical services.

    • Licensed and Bonded Contractors

      Every GZ Pro is licensed, bonded, and insured.

    • Expert Support by Local Specialists

      Dedicated specialists in the field to ensure that every job is done right.

    • Exceptional Quality at Competitive Price Points

      We help GZ Pros work efficiently and pass savings to customers.

    Simple and Transparent

    How It Works

    • 1. Choose your service(s)

      Follow our online guide to submit the requested information at your convenience.

    • 2. Review the quote

      Most customers (>93%) will receive a upfront, standardized quote within 48 hours.

    • 3. Leave the rest to us

      Our local team will handle the installation, permitting, and applicable rebates.

    Easy peasy, seriously.

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    Our Services

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      Proudly Serving

      Our Clients

      We cater to a diverse set of clients across various industries, including residential homeowners, multi-family property owners and operators, and large corporations with specific electrical needs. We take pride in providing best-in-class, end-to-end electrical services to each client, all at competitive price-points.

      • Residential

        We serve the electrical needs of owners of single-family and townhomes.

      • Multi-Family

        We offer end-to-end services to property managers and HOAs.

      • Commercial

        We work with property owners and managers to offer reliable electrical services.

      Service Discounts

      Bundle and Save

      Save on essential electrical upgrades by bundling multiple services together.

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